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We cannot stand to wait any longer, it makes you hysterical…

We cannot stand to wait. It is already too long before starting. So screens on train platforms or bus stops have appeared to inform us on the waiting time. There for we can be free to occupy this moment with other thinking than wait.

We cannot stand to wait, so we invent new ways of killing time, making sure not losing our precious time and survive without a lack of energy with will be fatal for our phone, i-pad, and computer, and mostly for ourselves. Where is the plug? And wait becomes a real waste of time.

We cannot stand to wait, so we created machines to erase the long queues, we have to do the job ourselves for check in on a plane, stamp a letter, or give documents to the bank. But we still need to feel welcome, the smile of the hostess is still needed, and her help can save us from a broken machine, or a non Hi tech oriented mind.

We already could not stand to wait in our French administration, maybe elsewhere too, once we have found the right office, only numbers on a screen indicate our turn, and give us an rough idea of the waiting time ahead. Concentration is disturbed every time a number changes with a chirping noise… you have no choice but to look at the new number on.  We are not waiting we are watching our turn.

On the other hand, we accept better the wait over a queuing up moment for an art exhibition, a concert, an important event. Without wait, there is no quality to it. Wait means recognition, success, and culture in these examples

The main leader of the “you wait because there is already a lot of people waiting, but you do not know how long you are going to wait for, but you wait, even if you do not see the beginning of the queue, you think it is going to end at the next corner, but because there is always something new to look at, and you have been queuing and waiting for much longer to only spend few minutes in an amusement park’s attraction.” The wait creates the success again.

However, the wait is a chance to stop for a moment, a parenthesis between two things, except when the wait is too long…


Curious about Elisabeth Pelegrin-Genel ?


Architect & town planner, organisational psychologist, Archinov’s association president.

Elisabeth exercises all of these activities together. She is associated at Pelegrin architects agency, with François her brother, and works as an organisational consultant, and writes books about the spaces and the city.

-      Une autre ville sinon rien 2012( ed La découverte)

-      Des souris dans un labyrinthe 2010 et réédité en poche en 2012

She is found of the “how to live together” subjects and visions, how to be more respectful together sharing a living space …etc

Elisabeth had also wrote some articles in the Huffington Post, available to read in French on: